Does clean and clear advantage acne spot treatment work?

I have used it on a few pimples I’ve had. It works quickly helps eliminate the pimple and the redness and swelling went down quickly as well.

Is clean and clear acne spot treatment good for your skin?

Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment with salicylic acid works fast to help reduce the visible signs of acne. Clinically proven to show clearer skin in 100% of testers in just one day, the topical oil-free acne medication dissolves oil quickly and works to reduce the size, redness and swelling of pimples.

Is Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Spot Treatment supposed to burn?

Skin reactions such as peeling/burning/dry/reddened skin may occur, especially at the start of treatment. If any of these effects persist or worsen, tell your doctor or pharmacist promptly. You may need to apply smaller amounts of the drug or use it less often. Consult your doctor or pharmacist for more details.

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Is clean and clear good for spots?

Popping a spot may be satisfying at the time but it can actually damage the healthy skin around the spot and allow the infection to spread, leading to even more spots! Instead, use a targeted product like the Clean & Clear® Advantage Rapid Gel. It unclogs pores and helps to reduce the appearance of spots.

How do you use clean and clear advantage acne spot treatment?

Inactive Ingredients

  1. Clean the skin thoroughly before applying this product.
  2. Cover the entire affected area with a thin layer one to three times daily.
  3. Because excessive drying of the skin may occur, start with one application daily, then gradually increase to two to three times daily is needed or as directed by a doctor.

How long do you leave acne spot treatment on?

Spot treatment: overnight, at least

Spot treatment is a targeted method that can take a little time and is best followed up with an acne patch. You may want to ice the pimple before spot treating, especially for bigger zits. After washing your face, ice the pimple for less than 5 minutes.

How do you get rid of dark spots from pimples?

How To Remove Dark Spots Caused By Pimples

  1. Use Vitamin C To Reduce Dark Spots.
  2. Try Retinol To Reduce Dark Spots.
  3. Buttermilk Helps In Fading The Pimple Marks.
  4. Lemon Juice Is Great To Remove Dark Spots.
  5. Pimple Patches Are A Good Remedy For Dark Spots & Scars.
  6. Broad Spectrum Sunscreen Is Always Helpful In Keeping Dark Spots Away.


How long does it take for clean and clear to work?

Start to see clearer skin in just one week! See clearer skin in just four weeks!

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How long do spots take to clear?

Pimples can take as long as six weeks to go away, but smaller, single pimples may take only a few days to disappear. They aren’t dangerous, but a doctor can help you treat long-lasting or painful pimples.

Is Clean & Clear good for your skin?

“It is a great option for people who have oily or acne-prone skin because it contains salicylic acid.” Although Clean & Clear says it’s suitable for all skin types, Zeichner recommends people with very dry or sensitive skin to steer clear. … “It made my skin look healthy, clear and hydrated. It also smells really good.”

Why is CeraVe bad for you?

I have been a CeraVe lover for YEARS–it’s the dermatologist go-to for those with sensitive skin and only recently did I discover it turns out, it contains parabens and other toxins that are banned in the EU due to being linked to hormone disruption and tumor growth.

Which face wash is best for pimples?

The Best Face Washes for Acne, According to Dermatologists and Facialists

  • Neutrogena Oil-Free Salicylic-Acid Acne-Fighting Face Wash. …
  • EltaMD Foaming Facial Cleanser. …
  • La Roche-Posay Effaclar Deep-Cleansing Foaming-Cream Cleanser. …
  • CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin. …
  • Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser.


How do you get rid of spots over night?

Overnight DIY Remedies To Get Of Pimples

  1. Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil is famous for its antibacterial properties. …
  2. Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is one of the most reputable ingredients in the skincare world. …
  3. Honey. A dab of honey can do wonders for pimple-ridden skin. …
  4. Crushed Aspirin. …
  5. Ice. …
  6. Green Tea.
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How can remove pimples permanently?

Below are 13 home remedies for acne.

  1. Apply apple cider vinegar. …
  2. Take a zinc supplement. …
  3. 3. Make a honey and cinnamon mask. …
  4. Spot treat with tea tree oil. …
  5. Apply green tea to your skin. …
  6. Apply witch hazel. …
  7. Moisturize with aloe vera. …
  8. Take a fish oil supplement.

When do you use clean and clear acne spot treatment?

Wash your face, then apply a thin layer of product over your face. Can be used up to 3 times a day. If your skin starts to dry out or peel, reduce your use to once a day.

What is the best spot treatment for acne?

Best acne spot treatments

  • Benzoyl peroxide. This helps kill Propionibacterium acnes, a species of bacteria associated with acne. …
  • Salicylic acid. This exfoliates, removing dead cells and smoothing the surface of the skin. …
  • Retinoids. Retinoids are a group of substances derived from vitamin A. …
  • Azelaic acid. …
  • Topical antibiotics. …
  • Comedo removal.
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