What does whack a mole mean?

What is whack-a-mole a metaphor for?

The correct spelling of Whac-A-Mole may seem an esoteric point, but the word has entered the language as a metaphorical term for something that keeps popping up no matter how many times one tries to get rid of it.

What is the term whack-a-mole mean?

Whack-a-mole is the pursuit of a particular person known to have sent spam. The name refers to an arcade game where the player gains points by using a mallet to whack mechanical moles as they pop out of their holes.

What is the origin of whack-a-mole?

While oil-spot is an admiring description of a technique, whack-a-mole is a derogation of a different approach. The origin is in the old carnival or arcade game that has a mechanical mole suddenly appear for a player to knock down, which causes another object to appear.

What does whack it mean?

English Language Learners Definition of whack

(Entry 1 of 2) informal : to hit (someone or something) with great force. US, informal : to reduce (something) by a large amount. US slang : to murder or kill (someone)

How do you win whack-a-mole?

The game is simple enough. The task for the player is to hit the five randomly appearing plastic moles that surface from holes in a waist-high, flat-surfaced console with a mallet. The player is rewarded for hitting fast and hitting hard.

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How do you whack-a-mole?

In the popular whack-a-mole game moles pop up at certain holes from under the ground and, after some time, disappear again. The player is equipped with a hammer and her goal is to hit as many moles as possible while they are above the ground.

How old is whack-a-mole?

Aaron Fechter invented the original Whac-A-Mole game in 1971.

What is whack in texting?

Initially it was a noun used to refer to a crazy or eccentric person – He’s a real wack – with wacko and whacko emerging as slangy offshoots. This was followed by adjectival wack meaning bad, unfashionable, stupid or of low quality, as in the anti-drugs slogan Crack is wack.

Is whack a bad word?

“Whack,” or “Wack?” The answer is “wack.” The word meaning “bad, messed up, stupid, boring, dumb, uninteresting, unenjoyable, or otherwise not good” is spelled “wack.” The letter “H” is not involved.

What does a good whack mean?

the act of hitting someone or something with a lot of force, or the sound that it makes. Give the ball a good whack.

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